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Recently, the study of human psychology has become very popular. In the West, the consulting practice of specialists in this field has existed for quite some time. In Russia, however, this is a relatively new direction. What is psychology? What are its main functions? What methods and programs do psychologists use to help people in difficult situations? Psychology is a science whose purpose is to study the mechanisms of the functioning of the human psyche. She examines the patterns of human behavior in various situations, the resulting thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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The subject of psychology has constantly changed over time in the development and improvement of its methods. Initially, the human soul was considered as it. Then the subject of psychology was the consciousness and behavior of people, as well as their unconscious beginning. Currently, there are two views on what is the subject of this science. From the point of view of the first, these are mental processes, states and personality traits. According to the second, its subject is the mechanisms of mental activity, psychological facts and laws.

One of the most important tasks of psychology is the study of the characteristics of people's consciousness, the formation of general principles and patterns according to which the individual acts. This science reveals the hidden capabilities of the human psyche, the reasons and factors affecting human behavior. All of the above represent the theoretical functions of psychology.

However, like any science, psychology has practical applications. Its value lies in helping a person, developing recommendations and strategies for action in various situations. In all areas where people have to interact with each other, the role of psychology is invaluable. It allows a person to properly build relationships with others, avoid conflicts, learn to respect the interests of other people and reckon with them.

The human psyche is a single whole. All processes occurring in it are closely interconnected and cannot exist one without the other. That is why their division into groups is very arbitrary.

It is customary to distinguish the following processes in human psychology: cognitive, emotional and volitional. The first of these include memory, thinking, perception, attention and sensation. Their glaA clear feature is that it is thanks to them that the human brain reacts and responds to influences from the outside world. Emotional mental processes form a person's attitude to certain events, allow one to evaluate oneself and viagra pills.

Volitional mental processes are represented directly by will and motivation, as well as proactivity. They allow a person to control their actions and deeds, to control behavior and emotions. In addition, the volitional processes of the psyche are responsible for the ability to achieve the set goals, to reach the desired heights in certain areas.

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In modern practice, there are several classifications of types of psychology. The most common is its division into everyday and scientific. The first type is based primarily on the personal experience of people. Everyday psychology is intuitive in nature.

Most often it is very specific and subjective. Scientific psychology is a science based on rational data obtained through experimentation or professional observation. All its provisions are thought out and accurate.

Depending on the scope of application, there are theoretical and practical types of psychology. The first of them deals with the study of the laws and characteristics of the human psyche. Practical psychology sets as the main task of rendering help and support to people, improving their condition and increasing the productivity of activity. To achieve the goals of science in psychology, various methods are used to study consciousness and the characteristics of human behavior.